Godiva’s Secret Wigs

Godiva’s Secret Wigs is a family-run business with two retail stores in Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills, California. They specialize in providing realistic, high-quality wigs and hairpieces for first-time wig wearers and women experiencing hair loss, specifically from chemotherapy and alopecia.


As with many small to mid-sized businesses, they struggled to balance their desire to have a website that reflected their personality with the technical requirements of a high conversion website.   

“Our retail stores are very warm, friendly and inviting. Our employees take you by the hand and help you with everything you need.

My goal was for our website to have the same feeling while also being optimized for sales. i5 has helped us to create just this!

Our website has our personality, but is also professional, full of knowledge and easy to navigate. I love our website now!”

Godiva’s Secret Wigs



i5 examined the competitive marketplace, their clients, and their competition and worked with Danielle to understand her specific challenges and what makes her company unique.

By reviewing their Google Analytics data, the conversion funnel and visitor behavior, i5 incorporated this technical data with a creative design to make a lasting and positive impression with current and future clients.

Redesign Features

  • Visually engaging and customer focused website
  • Optimized sales funnel
  • Simple and easy to use e-commerce store
Godiva’s Secret Wigs


A mobile friendly e-commerce website that helped increase sales by 20% from 2014 to 2015.