Business Web Design Pricing

When you are looking for more than a “online brochure” website, estimating the cost of your site cannot be done with a simple menu selection because every website is different in size and complexity. More importantly, a huge factor in determining the cost of a website is what you are looking to achieve with it.

For estimation purposes, we have put together the following three examples of pricing packages to help you understand how much you can expect to invest in your website when you partner with i5.

Business Web Design Pricing


Starting at $12,000
Your basic website has not been updated in a few years and is looking dated, uses flash technology or is not mobile-responsive. You need a simple, clean and professional website that communicates your company’s offerings and brand. You understand that forming a personal connection with visitors is important and are willing to invest in professional headshots and lifestyle photographs. Your site has less than 15 pages, and you need help with content writing.


Starting at $24,000
You are ready to start using your site as a marketing tactic to bring in leads. You have an existing site that is between 20-30 pages with an existing blog. You are committed to spending time working with i5 to help you identify your target market and craft the right marketing message, including content, photography, and videos. Your primary goal for your new website is to increase the lead conversion rate and inspire visitors to do business with you.

High Performance

Starting at $40,000
You are a mid-sized company with more than 30 pages of existing content and a substantial amount of blog posts. You may also have some dedicated landing pages from Adwords or social media advertising that need to be updated. You understand that your website is one piece of your overall marketing strategy and are willing to let data drive the design process to help you achieve your business sales goals.