Inbound Marketing Partnership Pricing

When it comes to attracting new visitors, converting those visitors into leads and turning those leads into closed sales, there is no “one size fits all.” But one thing is true: you get what you put in.

A typical client with i5 spends between $2,000 to $8,000 per month for our digital marketing services.

For estimation purposes, we have put together the following three examples of pricing packages to help you understand at a high level how much you can expect to invest in our inbound marketing services.

Inbound Marketing Partnership Pricing


$2,500 monthly
You are new to inbound marketing and are prepared to allocate internal resources to content creation, including blogging, social media posts, lead magnets, offers and landing pages. You are looking for an agency that can help you determine the right strategies, tactics and activities that will help you meet your business goals.


$6,250 monthly
You view inbound marketing as a core strategy to generate new leads for your company and are prepared to hire an agency that can help you meet your marketing and business goals. You are looking to gain access to a wide and deep skill set that a full service agency offers.

High Performance

$12,500 monthly
You want to get results quickly and need a partner that can work with your sales team and senior management to bring in qualified leads and convert them into customers. You want to have access to the experience and knowledge of a Chief Marketing Officer, someone who has a team of talented consultants who execute the marketing strategy set out by senior management—all for the cost of an in-house marketing director.